Candy of Japan's Ultimate Candy Guide: From Homemade Toffee to Mars Candy Company Favorites

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Candy of Japan's Ultimate Candy Guide: From Homemade Toffee to Mars Candy Company Favorites

Are you a candy lover looking for some sweet inspiration? Look no further than Candy of Japan's Ultimate Candy Guide! Whether you're a fan of classic treats like Hershey Kisses and candy corn cookies or you're looking to try something new like Shirakiku Dorayaki Red Bean and SHOGUN CANDY NINJA BOX, this guide has got you covered. With fun and informative descriptions of each candy, you'll be sure to find your next favorite snack.

First up on our candy adventure is the Shirakiku Dorayaki Red Bean 300g, a Japanese treat that's sure to impress. With its soft, fluffy pancake exterior and sweet red bean filling, this candy is a unique and delightful experience. Candy of Japan recommends trying this candy while doing the Tootsie Roll dance - it's that good!

Next, unleash your inner candy ninja with the SHOGUN CANDY NINJA BOX. This gluten-free dagashi mix from Japan is perfect for those looking for a unique and exciting candy experience. Candy of Japan gives this snack box an 8.5/10, recommending it as a great gift idea or a fun way to treat yourself to some sweet and exciting new treats.

Looking for a classic candy that's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth? Look no further than Hi Chew Fantasy Mix. With their fun flavors and soft texture, these chewy candies are a fan favorite in Japan and beyond. Candy of Japan gives Hi Chew a 9/10, dubbing them the "candy king of Japan".

But candy isn't just about indulging in pre-packaged treats - it's also about getting creative in the kitchen. Candy of Japan recommends trying your hand at making homemade toffee or homemade Twix bars for a fun and delicious DIY candy experience.

And for those looking to explore the candy world outside of the kitchen, Candy of Japan suggests visiting local candy factories like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory or The Candy Factory. Plus, if you're a fan of M&M's, you won't want to miss the controversy over the green M&M redesign or the history behind the M&M mascots. And did you know that "licorice" in Spanish translates to "regaliz"?

No matter your candy preferences, Candy of Japan's Ultimate Candy Guide has something for everyone. So go ahead, treat yourself to a sweet adventure and discover your new favorite candy today!

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