The Sweetest Guava Candy You'll Ever Taste: A Candy of Japan Review

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Welcome candy lovers! Today we're diving into the delicious world of GUAVA CANDY 12.3 oz. (pack of 3). As a self-proclaimed candy expert, I was excited to try this fruity treat and I have to say, I was not disappointed.

First off, let's talk about the flavor. This guava candy has a perfect balance of sweet and tart, and the guava flavor really shines through. It's not overly sugary like some candies can be, but it's still satisfyingly sweet. I could eat these all day!

One thing I love about this candy is that it's not too hard or too soft. It has a perfect chewiness that's just right. Plus, the individually wrapped pieces make it easy to take on the go or share with friends.

Who would this candy be a good fit for? Anyone who loves fruity candies or trying new flavors. It would also make a great gift for someone who enjoys unique treats or loves all things guava.

- Delicious guava flavor that's not too sweet
- Perfect chewiness
- Individually wrapped for easy snacking

- Only one flavor (but it's a great flavor!)

In conclusion, GUAVA CANDY 12.3 oz. (pack of 3) is a must-try for candy lovers. The flavor is unique and delicious, and the texture is spot on. I highly recommend giving this candy a try.

Bottom line: 8.5/10.

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